Writing Your Own Reading

I don't know what the Sun passing through in 15° Picses entails, but I do recognize my tendency to put my trust in someone who’s convinced me they do know. More frequently than I’d like to admit, I'll put my belief in others’ intuition because I'll regard it as somehow more informed than my own. I won’t hesitate in admitting we’re derived from the same compositional materials as our planetary sisters and brothers, and I truly recognize the time and cognitive effort it takes for an individual to study and memorize astrological information- but I am learning that I can’t regard the manifestation of their predictions as anything further than my own belief in it.

So often we turn to outside sources for validation on the outcomes of our days, our choices, our own personal character and individuality. We read our horoscope in the morning and as we go about our day, we reflect upon the information we digested and realize that the day has panned out just as we read it would. Of course we credit the horoscope! We read it with our own very eyes, as if reading a newspaper reporting our activities planned for tomorrow was published today. In the times we don’t believe a word they say, we turn around and say “HA! We knew it.” But what if the manifestation of these events has nothing to do with horoscopes at all? What if it’s the belief that the horoscope would come true that sent you directly down the path it referenced?

To elaborate further, I now realize it is our very belief in these individuals' predictions that so often make them come true. The theory that we create our own life circumstances has been proposed and reiterated among varying cultures for all of time. It seems when we awaken in the morning painted grey, our day pans out to rain (at least figuratively). On a good day, the world seems more colorful- the positives pile up in a way often attributed to the likes of luck. It could be chalked up to coincidence, but I want you to take a moment to sincerely consider the opposite. I want you to attempt to really digest the idea that our unwavering belief in whether something is possible, is what determines its likeliness to occur. Consider the fact that all of our reality is based on our own perception of it (sensory and emotional perception), and that we base how we perceive off of experiences of past perceptions. Now I want you to take into account that a chair is only recognized as a in our brains because culture has taught us that four legs with a seat and a back-piece is referred to as a chair.

Now we can deduce that everything we perceive as “logical” is based on a prior intake of information, either from the cultural inheritance of knowledge or our own experience. Either we touch a fire and feel the pain, or culture warns us about the pain of a burn before we ever put our finger to a flame. Therefore, when imagining how our day is going to unravel, we visualize what we are familiar with. It is what traps a person who came from disadvantage in the poverty cycle, and how the wealthy continue to establish their wealth even without the proper skills that one would imagine being required. The man who comes from poverty has no expectation that he’ll escape it, because his imprinting of his experiences from childhood centered around poverty, and his family (his culture) likely passed on their own negative views of the possibility of escaping it based on their own experiences. The man of wealth expects nothing less than wealth, because he was privileged to it in childhood and his parents passed on their expectations all the same. This isn’t to say these cycles can’t be reworked to favor- and this is where my suggestion presents itself.

I propose we start the trend of composing our own horoscopes for our day, our month, our year. Write specific circumstances you’d like to see unfold in your life, write specific attributes you'd like to exude, write goals you’d like to reach- write them in a matter-of-fact tone. Leave no room for hesitation or variation. Write them as if they are set-in-stone facts, and truly believe in their legitimacy. Reference your horoscope consistently, especially if you start to feel overwhelmed in the chaos of the world. Allow yourself to reset and smile as you visualize them. And then smile a plenty as you watch them manifest into existence. Your imagination is the most fertile soil, so plant the seeds and ye shall reap the fruits.

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