The Magic of Discomfort

Sometimes no matter how rigorously you scrub yourself in the shower, you just can't shake that feeling of ick off. It lurks in all the silences, just out of sight, yet taking precedence over all other senses you hold. You become agitated at every shadow because the ick is driving you mad on its own- any hint of darkness is enough to light your fuse. You watch as your exasperation consequently smears the ick throughout your life and consumes everything you come in vicinity of. This once invisible ick is now a powerful energy projected onto those undeserving. Your frustrations with the ick breed into frustrations with yourself and those who surround you. You don't understand why you’re feeling this way, why you're acting this way, why life entraps you in such unfortunate situations with such unfortunate souls. You feel lost, and all alone.

The ick I speak of is a discomfort born of stagnancy. It is displeasure with ourselves and the external circumstances that make up our everyday lives. It is easy to fall into a rhythmic, near auto-pilot mode after getting too comfortable with a constant in our lives. But, being that we are magnificent creatures equipped with bodies programmed to evolve, minds that crave knowledge, and souls that ache for enlightenment- stagnancy creates friction with our instinctual need for growth. Discomfort could be described as the body’s intriguing way of relaying this friction to our consciousness. When discomfort communicates the need of imminent change, we are faced with the ultimatum to trust in the process or join in the resistance of what we can't control. We can choose to thrive with the ceaseless force of change as was meant to be or waste our energy moving against it.

Do not be mistaken, I would not claim moving with change to be simple at any point in my life. Change bears reflection on how we can improve ourselves and our lives. It requires the humility to admit that we can always bloom brighter and the kind of vulnerability that allows love in to help us do just that. It requires accepting responsibility for our actions and our personal power. It morphs our world into something we don’t always recognize. While faced with the unfamiliarity of change, fear will often be first to offer advice. She won’t let us get a word in-between her assumptions, and she’ll seem like she knows what she’s talking about. After all, fear is the sliest peddler in existence. I have had many points in my life where I’ve fallen victim to fear’s illusions. She targets us in times of confusion and manipulates her way into our decision making. She persuades us to ignore our deepest desires and ambitions, and after a while we lose sight of the infinite value that lies both in existence and ourselves. Be comforted in the fact that fear is a part of our imaginations. The tool that brought us to the moon in record time as children is still up and functioning in our beautiful brains, malnourished and sprawling in every direction. So, I challenge you to take moments of fear and turn them into moments of creation. Let your imagination run wild onto any canvas in any medium and release all tensions that may be built up inside it. Break through its conditioning. Train it to once again be the source of beauty and magic that was intended for it.

The commonly quoted phrase, "The only constant is change" is believed to have its earliest origins in findings of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. Around 500BCE Heraclitus made the exclamation "Panta Rhei" which translates roughly to "everything and all things change". He noted in his work that “The way up and the way down are one and the same. Living and dead, waking and sleeping, young and old, are the same,” meaning one is always transitioning into another, contradictions constantly cycling. We have known change is written into our structure and the structure of the universe since well towards the beginning of conscious thought. Let us take advantage of that knowledge and embrace change. Let us follow the example of the caterpillar and live in harmony with change. Before we know it, we'll all be butterflies.

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