The First Walls We Build are Inside of Our Heads

The falsehood of stability in external circumstance is inevitably revealed to us as we move throughout life. To rely on circumstance for comfort is to lodge in a house made of glass, in a land that just frankly rains stones sometimes. Houses of glass have not had the kindest history with stones- we know how that usually goes. Our worlds crash down around us as soon as they make contact. And we want that to happen as infrequently as possible, right? So we try to protect ourselves. We try to counteract life's misfortunes. We begin building walls from stones mined from the darkest depths of our subconscious- resentments left buried too long, and finally pressurized into rock-solid fears.

There it is. The first walls we build are inside of our heads. It is important to recognize that most all us have built these invisible barriers. They do not signify that we are broken or immoral, but human. When we are hurt we access our one of our most primal instincts: Fight or flight. The sympathetic nervous system activates when our hypothalamus kindly conveys there is trouble afoot. Our adrenal glands flood with catecholamines including epinephrine (adrenaline), and boom! Our sight improves, blood flow increases in vital organs and muscles as our hearts beat faster, and extra oxygen is sent to the brain to promote clear thought process. Our magnificent bodies provide us with a physical reaction that likens our statistics of overcoming difficult situations.

In comparison, I believe these mental barriers that we create are but emotional reactions meant to serve a similar purpose. They are boundaries, overgrown and out of control. We are responsible for taking inventory of these emotional blockages and what they contribute to our desired outcome in life. Do these walls make ME feel liberated? Are they hindering my ability to relate, to love and be loved? Do these walls I've erected in fear of pain, prevent me from experiencing the abundance on the opposite side of the spectrum? Are they projecting an image of self-pity that is manifesting into self-centered habits?

Self-reliance is desirable and absolutely healthy to an extent. Consistently holding ourselves accountable to our responsibilities- including our own emotions and reactions is possibly the most beneficial virtue we can hold. We can only hope to act as the buoyancy in our own hearts, as we are relatively in control of little else. But balance is easily lost between self-reliance and self-absorbed behavior. These walls we build shield perspectives outside of our own, and we in turn lose the wisdom we can gain from souls experiencing different journeys than our own. When we begin only acting for our own benefit, regardless of how our vendetta affects others and the world around us, we lose sight of the fact that our continued existence as a species is reliant on the prosperity of our community as a whole.

Acting as the center of your own reality works until it doesn't. Life's stones will continue to rain, and our walls won't always hold. Our realities will shatter again. We will need help. We will need love. In turn, we need to provide that help for our neighbors when

our skies are clear but they've no sun in sight. We need to be the love for our brothers and sisters who are buried in the darkness. We must remember we are all humans growing through and adjusting to this strange life. And whether our egos like it or not... we are ALL in this together.

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