Growing into Higher Versions of Yourself- The Beginning of Consciously Blooming

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

We are growing on a global scale as generations uniting. Into a more loving age. Into a more intelligent, compassionate way of existing. Here are some tid-bits I've picked up along the way that may hopefully be beneficial to your own blooming. I only aim for progress.

1. Trust.

Trust yourself. Trust in something bigger than yourself. Trust that everything is okay even if it doesn't feel to be right now. Though life can be described as cruel and unfair, as it is the reality of the matter at times, allowing ourselves to accept that exact fact is the way out of falling victim to self pity. We are here with little idea why and that can be uncomfortable and confusing even in your brightest hour; but we have equal opportunity to experience the euphoria on the opposite side of the spectrum. Take notice of your life. Open yourself up to the idea that you can be grateful for all the you have. In moments of bliss, absorb every drop of it. In moments of sorrow, consciously try to notice things you are grateful for to remind yourself their is always beauty in existence. Habitual gratitude will evolve into trust. It will grow alongside you.

2. Separate mind and body.

Consider it as two entities working together as a whole. We must nourish each in the way that they require for optimum health and happiness. Both living organisms to be appreciated and loved equally.

3. Become aware to what is hindering you.

We can only control external circumstance so much. And often it's not so much the actual circumstance that is poisoning our lives- typically it's our resistance to said things. Luckily for us, we have the power to control our perspectives and reactions. That doesn't mean unhealthy relationships, abusive treatment, things that we can feel drain us on the regular- should be justified or tolerated. But we must be open to see the roadblocks we inflict in our own lives if we want to grow past them. Carl Jung once said "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens."

4. Practice Mental Discipline.

Mental discipline is exactly that, a practice. Keeping your mind in a healthy state is no easy task with the brilliance it holds and the not-so-fair-times life inflicts upon us. We have spent our entire lives giving our minds endless power, often forgetting that our heart was meant to be its partner in leading us along. Meditation is a powerful exercise to gaining a closer relationship to your heart whilst simultaneously teaching your mind to take a break every once in a while. It will aid in adjusting to using our breath as a door to inner peace. If you struggle with the idea of meditating, I believe service to be just as effective. It is difficult to obsess over your own problems while acting selfless, and you will feel satisfaction from contributing to a larger purpose. Our mind can be our most useful instrument or the greatest contributor to our demise. Change the tune you sing to yourself.

5. Be kind to yourself.

This applies to both your body and mind. Mental discipline will start you out on the road to learning to love yourself and will ultimately determine how you treat both mind and body. Recite affirmations that remind yourself of the beauty you hold. Remind yourself of all you are worthy of and all you have to offer to the world around you. Your thoughts will continue in your subconscious as you make decisions. Make it so those thoughts are ones that encourage actions that correlate with the love you have for yourself. Take notice of how foods or substances make you feel prior and post putting them in your body. Your intuition and body's reactions are the most reliable deciding factors if you allow them to be.

6. Harness your empathy.

We begin naturally empathetic as children, but it tends to dwindle as we grow and our egos do, too. At the core we are all love. And we have the choice for our actions to be born of it. All human beings we encounter have emotions, thoughts, fears. They are loved and they love others. Respecting our fellow humans is just the beginning, though, as we inhabit a living planet with other living beings that require respect and care themselves. Take the time. Remind yourself that we're all necessary for the other's survival. Be grateful for all the variety life offers. Believe in us as a bad-ass whole- evolving and making the best of this mysterious existence.

7. Find passion.

My passions are what drive me to get up everyday and quite frankly keep me up far too late at night. There is no better feeling than the inspiration pulsating through your body whilst diving into something that makes every bit of your mind enthralled and your heart beat a little faster. I find that as I work towards whatever my current passion is, I am usually detoured into hidden passions I never knew I had. And I think that's how you find yourself loving your life. Finding passion in something, and then another thing- until you find passion in all that you do. Not to say your not still faced with frustration and human emotion and all the stated terms of life; but passion sits hand in hand with gratitude making your life a little bit more beautiful. Ultimately, testing different passions is what will bring us closer to happiness and harnessing our higher purpose.

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